Capacity250ml / 8.45fl. oz.
Effectivenessrelaxes muscles, reduces tension, stress and tones and regenerates the skin of the body
Due to cold weather outside we highly reco...  Read more

Bath Salt - Colorful Collection

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Sea water has long been known to have healing properties, so our purified sea salt will fill your bath with not only its benefit...  Read more
Sea water has long been known to have healing properties, so our purified sea salt will fill your bath with not only its benefits but also the scents of summer moods.
Purified, high-quality sea salt is rich in minerals that are beneficial to the body and will enrich your regular bathing routine. Salt dissolved in warm water normalizes hormonal balance, improves circulation and immune function of the body. This bath therapy will help you get rid of stress, tension or even bad mood. Warm water vapors enriched with salt will open the airways and help clear them. If you've had a day full of unforeseen worries or an intense sports workout, a salt bath will relieve the tension in your body's muscles and pleasantly relax you with its distinctive summer scents. Different combinations of colors and scents bring out the summery qualities of the fruit. Pink salt in warm water will fill your bathroom with the sweet scent of watermelon, while orange salt will bring the citrus freshness of grapefruit. If, however, you prefer both sweetness and freshness, the green bath bubbles are sure to satisfy with their strawberry and rhubarb friendship scents. To experience the full benefits, just dissolve 200 grams of perfumed salt in warm water. Your skin will be cleansed and your body relaxed while you enjoy the luxurious aromatherapy. At the end of the treatment, the skin should be rinsed with clean water. The mineral-rich sea salt will take care of your health and skin, and the summery aromas will inspire you to a new day!
Our bath salt in short:
Perfumed bath salt is suitable for all skin types. Normalizes hormonal balance, improves blood ci...  Read more
Maris Sal, Sodium Bicerbonate, Parfum, Vitis Vinifera Seed oil, Tocopheryl, Acetate (E), Polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleate, *Linalool, *Geraniol, *Eugenol.
Keep tightly closed, at room temperature, out of the reach of children. Keep out of direct sunlig...  Read more

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